Villa Italia


Meeting the Accessible Customer Service Needs of our Residents, Applicants, Visitors and Other Members of the Public.

We are committed to meeting and responding to the customer service needs of all our residents, applicants, visitors, and members of the public, including people with disabilities.

Find out more about our commitment to accessible customer service. Documents relating to our accessible customer service policies, practices and procedures and our requirements under the customer service standard can be viewed on our website. Documents are also available upon request from the building office. Please click on the following links for further information:

Accessible Customer Service Policy (Policy # VI-HS-PP-021)

Training Tips for Employees (Policy # VI-HS-PP-021-1)

Use of Assistive Devices (Policy # VI-HS-PP-021-2)

Use of Service Animals (Policy # VI-HS-PP-021-3)

Use of Support Persons (Policy # VI-HS-PP-021-4)

Communicating with Persons with Disabilities (Policy # VI-HS-PP-021-5)

Disruption of Services (Policy # VI-HS-PP-021-6)

Customer Feedback and Complaints Policy (Policy # VI-HS-PP-021-7)

Training Policy (Policy # VI-HS-PP-021-8)

Request for Documentation in an Alternative Format

If you require these documents in an alternative format, a request form is available through our administration office.

Please contact Laura DiStefano at 905-388-4552, extension 406.