Villa Italia


About Us

The Charitable Corporation was founded by the Order of the Sons of Italy with the primary purpose of developing care facilities and support programs for seniors.  It was based on the following belief:

The Order of the Sons of Italy believe that - individuals need the base of their family and community to survive and grow and that all individuals have a right to participate in productive and meaningful activities according to their own traditional cultural values.  Our community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude and has a responsibility for the senior members of our community.

TheCharitable Corporation is responsible for raising capital and special project funds. It has a Board of Directors comprised of business and community leaders. Funds are primarily raised through an active Donors Program, which includes corporate donations, annual pledges, memorials, and other monetary gifts.

Villa Italia Retirement Residence is a not-for-profit project of the Sons of Italy (Hamilton) Charitable Corporation that came to fruition in February 2003 after many years of fund raising.  Villa Italia was built with generous donations from the Hamilton Community and now stands proud on the Hamilton West Mountain serving seniors who enjoy peace of mind living with a Mediterranean flair.